For Tenants

NRM Serviced Apartments specialises in providing serviced apartments in Delhi and Gurgaon to businesses and individuals seeking the comfort, privacy and space of their...

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For Landlords

NRM International takes on rent unfurnished apartments in order to provide Corporate Housing solutions to expatriate assignees in India...

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Reasons to Choose us

Pre-furnished apartments by local landlords are uncommon and if available, the furniture is often run-down or 'old-fashioned'. NRM Serviced Apartments offer good quality, stylish and tasteful furniture / décor.
In India some of the most basic tasks such as setting up internet and phone connections, cable TV etc. can often become overwhelming due to language barriers, difference in service levels, punctuality etc. NRM Serviced Apartments come ready with internet, cable, gas etc. and we manage these relationships on behalf of the client.
India, as a developing country, still gives rises to a lot of dirt and dust. It is very difficult to regulate the cleanliness of a home without the support of a cleaner, which the client would normally have to find independently. NRM Serviced Apartments come with an in-house maid service. Our staff are trained, efficient and trustworthy.
Properties in India often give rise to maintenance problems. Unfortunately the quality of construction in India is not as high as in other places. NRM Serviced Apartments include a 24hr maintenance support team (electrician, plumber etc.) who are fully trained and qualified.

What Our Clients Say

Responsiveness, dedication and flexibility are three words that in my opinion very well describe the NRM organization. My initial time in India has been full of problems with government registrations, banks, mobile operators etc. but all a long there has been one organization that has been flying high above all the others. I'm talking about NRM. Thank you and keep on the good work.

Staffan Jonsson/Ericsson
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