Serviced Apartments for Landlords

NRM International take unfurnished apartments on rent in order to provide Corporate Housing solutions to expatriate assignees in India.

We sign a tenancy agreement with a landlord as the principal tenant, and subsequently provide all furnishing and services (24/7 maintenance support (plumbing and electrics), cleaning, daily linen change, connection and monthly management of utilities such gas, water, internet, cable TV etc), for the end-user tenant.

We cater primarily for long term corporate tenants who want an all inclusive, 'hands-off' property rental solution. More and more companies are nowadays looking to rent exclusively through Corporate Housing providers, as they have the surety that their expatriate assignees will be well looked after and comfortable, and free from the day to day property-related headaches that often occur in India.

At the same time, nowadays landlords are equally in need of property management services. Most landlords too are busy professionals, who have very little time to micro-manage a property throughout the duration of their tenancy. For those landlords, having a reliable property management company will provide the best solution to ensure that after an agreement is signed, 'how to spend the rental income' will be the only issue that requires consideration!

– This will be a residence for one family, that is tied in with a proper lease, corresponding with the lease duration that we could have with you.

Further as a bona fide company, we insist on court registering our agreements with you so that you feel comfortable about your legal rights.

Lastly, we have earned a great reputation amongst landlords and maintenance agencies as a direct result of our strict adherence to two clear principles:-

  • All payments must be made in a prompt and timely manner, without fail.
  • All furnishing and maintenance work must be of the highest quality.

References and testimonials from current landlords to this effect are readily available.

A summary of the benefits of working with us include:-

  • Time and money are both greatly save. Stress is reduced as you have no need to look for tenants once your current tenant leaves, and simultaneously money is saved as there are no gaps between tenancies, ensuring that potential revenue loss is minimised.
  • Apartment is professionally cleaned and maintained on a daily basis giving you confidence that your apartment is always kept in prime condition.
  • Having a good reliable expatriate end-user tenant to ensure that properties are being well looked-after and used sensibly.