Most foreign clients coming to India for relatively short periods of time. Most prefer furnished properties, to avoid having to involve in selling furniture when they leave. Unfortunately however, properties that are pre-furnished by landlords are uncommon, and when they are available, the furniture is not always to the taste of the client. There is therefore always a significant demand for property that is pre-furnished with good quality bespoke furniture. NRM serviced apartments offer good quality, stylish and tasteful furniture / décor

For most foreign nationals in India, taking control of daily administrative tasks that may be simple in one's home country, such as setting up an internet connection, cable-tv, interacting with gas and electricity agencies etc. can often become overwhelming here in India. NRM serviced apartments come ready with internet, cable, gas etc and we manage the relationships with these utility agencies on behalf of the client

Further, India, as a developing country still gives rises to a lot of dirt and dust. It is very difficult to regulate the cleanliness of a home without the support of a cleaner. NRM serviced apartments come with an in-house maid service. Our staff are trained, efficient and trustworthy.

Additionally, properties in India often suffer from maintenance problems. Fortunately the quality of construction in India is improving, but many seemingly well-constructed buildings still give rise to nuisance issues. It is therefore necessary to have a dedicated and skilled team of electricians and plumbers who are readily 'on-call', to provide rapid support in case of problems, so as to minimise inconvenience for the tenant. NRM serviced apartments include a 24hr maintenance support team who are fully trained and qualified.