Responsiveness, dedication and flexibility are three words that in my opinion very well describe the NRM organization. My initial time in India has been full of problems with government registrations, banks, mobile operators etc. but all a long there has been one organization that has been flying high above all the others. I'm talking about NRM. Thank you and keep on the good work. (Staffan Jonsson , Ericsson)

As everyone knows, doing business in India is not easy but quite tough. I wanted to feel comfortable at home at least but I often got some problems with my previous apartment. Wasting my time to wait for a maintenance person who never came, communicating with a technician who didn't speak English, taking a long time to get repair done, I was so frustrated. Now, I am very happy with NRM apartment because NRM is taking care of everything for me! Whatever I got a problem, all I have to do is just call them. They always come on time and quickly resolve the problem. My family is also happy! Thank you for your kind service!! (T Tsuri, Nippo Corporation)

Since I moved to India, NRM International has been supporting me at real estate matters with quality service and prompt attention which I only could expect from a worldwide mind-set company. (Juha Finnilä, Fortum India Private Limited)

I am totally satisfied about NRM service. Your response is very quick. I didn't have any stress. I would like use NRM continuously. (Shuhei Goto, Kintetsu World Express (India) Pvt. Ltd)

Since we had a bad experience with our previous dishonest realtor, we switched to NRM International which had a pretty good reputation among Japanese. NRM International surely does business very honestly and kindly. Their maintenance team always show on time. Or in case they cannot make it on time with any reasons, they contact us for rearrangement beforehand. In emergency repair they always try to visit us as quickly as possible. I have never had a problem with them.
NRM International always welcomes us for any inquiries. They even kindly advise us for those problems which are not in their responsible area. All the stuff from this company are very polite and well-mannered. It is nothing but a warmhearted company.
My family and I are very happy to do business with NRM International. We Thank you . (Murakami, Yamaha Music)